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mcilwain consulting services, llc

motivational speaking

toni mcilwain is nationally known for passionate speeches and presentations to a variety of audiences.  whether it's for business entities to communicate company strategy with clarity, to help employees to see the future in a positive light or to motivate and inspire workers, toni knows how to pull volunteers and change agents together.


toni has recently embarked on sharing her many stories and personal testimonies as part of her quest to inspire others.  her first published, printed, and online project, stuck...but loving it!, shares with the reader insight on her life, her inspirations and strengths to help empower others. 

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"everyone has the right to have their dignity affirmed." - toni mcilwain

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training facilitator 

drawing on her business and community networks, toni mcilwain facilitates access to training where gaps in knowledge are identified.  she brings in subject matter experts to build on existing knowledge and leads the conversation and gives instruction to assure performance.

nonprofit services

toni mcilwain offers comprehensive training consulting for nonprofits, particularly in the expertise of federal regulations, areas of finance and strategy.  toni understands best practices for community-based organizations, nonprofits, foundations and government agencies.  toni simplifies organizational processes and offers multiple training methods for executive coaching.  she also provides engagement services for all management positions.

toni has more than 25 years of experience operating nonprofits as a ceo and executive director.

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